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1. Self-pickup time: Monday to Sunday, 09:00-19:00 (Some self-pickup points work from 9:00-18:00. In case of national statutory holidays, the press release time shall prevail, please Everyone will pay attention)

2. After the goods arrive at the pick-up point, we will keep you for three days (natural days), more than three days (natural days) will be regarded as the default cancellation of the order (except national legal holidays);

3. Customers need to check the money and goods in person, and they will no longer be responsible for the money and the quantity after leaving the pick-up front desk;

4. The price guarantee of the goods needs to be raised on the spot by the customer, and the price guarantee service will not be provided for the self-collected goods after leaving the pick-up front desk;

5. Ordinary invoices: Invoices are issued by the warehouse and sent with the package. The self-pickup point does not provide invoicing and ticket exchange services.

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