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Shopping process

1. Shopping flow chart

2. Operating instructions

register log in

Step 1: Click on the top of the platform homepage to become a member to enter the registration page.

Step 2: You can register through your mobile phone number, fill in the accurate information as prompted, and click submit "register now".

Note: Please be sure to fill in the correct and valid mobile phone number. When you retrieve the password, you need to go to the mobile phone number to obtain verification information.

Step 3: After the registration is complete, click "Login" at the top of the platform homepage to log in to your account normally.

Search products

You can enter keywords in the search box on the homepage of the platform to search for products, or click Advanced Search-Batch Search to search for products, or click the category navigation on the left side of the homepage to find the products you need.

put it in the cart

Click "Add to Cart" on the search page or single product page. The product will be added to the shopping cart. You can also continue to select the product and put it into the shopping cart for settlement together.

1) In the shopping cart, the system defaults that the order quantity of each item is 1 piece. If you want to purchase more than one item, you can modify the purchase quantity.

2) In the shopping cart, you can move the product to the collection, or choose to delete it, or you can empty the shopping cart and select again.

3) In the shopping cart, you can directly view the discounts of the products, the name of the products participating in the promotion, and the promotion theme.

4) The products at the bottom of the shopping cart page are as follows: Recommend, promote products, recommend products and "My Collection" according to the products in the shopping cart. If there are products you need, click "Add to Cart".

5) After October 1, 2013, if you have not logged in to your account, the items placed in the shopping cart will be retained for 30 days; if you have logged in to your account, the items placed in the shopping cart will be retained forever.


1) The price of the product will be adjusted from time to time, and the final price is subject to the price in the order after you submit the order.

2) Preferential policies, delivery time, freight charge standards, etc. may be adjusted, and the final transaction information is subject to the latest information published on the website when you submit the order.

3) The items placed in the shopping cart when the account is logged in, the items in the shopping cart can still be seen after changing the computer; the items placed in the shopping cart under the account not logged in, the items in the shopping cart cannot be seen after changing the computer .

Submit orders

Fill in the details of the consignee information, delivery method, payment method, invoice information, whether to give to others as a gift, etc., and click "Submit Order" after confirming that it is correct to generate a new order number. You can enter "My Order" to view the order details.

Comment after receipt

After receiving the goods, you can comment on the purchased goods and the services during this purchase in the "My Order".

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to complete email verification?

In order to ensure the security of your account, and to be able to enjoy a more thoughtful service.

Examples: 1) Receive the order processing notification letter in a timely and accurate manner; 2) Keep abreast of customer reviews; 3) Participate in comment voting; 4) Leave messages to other users

Q: What is the reason why my mailbox cannot receive emails from the platform?

1) The mailbox is automatically classified as junk mail, please check the junk box to see if you have received the mail.

2) The platform is set to a blacklist, please check the blacklist, cancel the blacklist, and add the platform mailbox to the address book contact or whitelist.

3) If none of the above methods work, please try to receive at another time slot.

Q: Why does the system always prompt "Email address nickname or password entered incorrectly, please fill in again" when logging in?

1) The email address or nickname you entered is wrong; if you have modified your email address or nickname, please log in with the revised information.

2) The password you entered is incorrect; if you have modified the registered password, please log in with the modified password; if you forget the password, please click Retrieve Password.

Q: Why is the account always unable to log in?

If the account is always unable to log in, please click the login help to view.

Q: Why can't I find the order I just placed in "My Order"?

During the peak period of order submission, new orders may appear in my order after a period of time. If you have not found the latest order, please wait patiently.

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