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Meiguan Trading is a Sino-foreign joint venture. The foreign party (shareholder) is PETROBINO CO., LIMITED. The e-commerce company "Beijing Meiguan Trading Co., Ltd." was jointly established and operated in Beijing in 2021. , In order to develop trade between China and South Korea and promote the happiness of the two peoples. The company's main business categories are import and export, e-commerce, software development and supply, sales agency, and sales of popular products in Korea and China.

The company’s method of obtaining supplier information through the foreign-funded company Petrobina Co., Ltd. is Kim Kwan-Young, the founder of Beijing Meiguan Trading Co., Ltd.’s largest shareholder, PETROBINO CO., LIMITED’s chief executive officer, and Kim Kwan-Young. The seller's business of purchasing products on the business platform and the related work of supplying and introducing and attracting investment in the online and offline exhibitions and exhibitions in the local area of South Korea.

Kwan-Young Kim is a PhD/Professor (Professor of Liberal Arts and Korean Language Department) of Chubu University, the overseas representative of the dispatching organization "Daligo", and the controlling shareholder and chairman of the Vietnamese ABS door "KSD" (Synthetic Resin). Door) manufacturers, express invoices to simplify the security system/printing/software production and sales company’s "residence number" shareholders and overseas general representatives, Jinshan Korean red ginseng shareholders and overseas general representatives.

As the first stage of its business, our company sells high-quality and cheap Korean products to China through an online e-commerce platform. At the same time, it also sells excellent Chinese products to South Korea. At the same time, it also develops wholesale shopping center business in South Korea and China. We are preparing to provide Chinese and Korean consumers with a satisfying life by offering these products to each wholesaler at low prices.

In addition, as the second stage of the business, we plan to support China's cross-border e-commerce business goals and take the lead in making all-out efforts in B2B2C-based cross-border business to achieve the success of global trade. China and South Korea can successfully achieve global trade.

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