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After sales service

Product after-sales service guarantee

  respected user:

   Adhering to the policy of customer first and quality first, we sincerely thank you for choosing our products. We guarantee the following product technical services and perfect after-sales service:

   1. We promise to users that our products have strict quality assurance.

  2. We guarantee that all the products we provide come from formal channels, adopt the best materials and first-class craftsmanship, and meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract in all aspects.

  3. We pledge to actively cooperate with relevant professional construction teams to ensure that the project is safe, high-quality, and completed on time.

  4. We guarantee that the product can meet the specific requirements of the construction and use of the project after the correct installation, reasonable operation and maintenance.

   5. Our guarantee: Free technical consultation during product installation and after completion.

  6. Our guarantee: Provide users with prompt after-sales service and technical support, and solve problems promptly.

  7. Our guarantee: free maintenance and replacement of products or spare parts with quality problems.

  8. We guarantee that we will send someone to the site to eliminate it in time after receiving a written or telephone notice from the customer, and will not charge any fees (excluding damage caused by man-made and irresistible natural disasters).

  9. Our guarantee: complete service tasks with high quality in strict accordance with customer requirements, earnestly answer customer questions, actively provide various solutions for customers to choose, and achieve customer satisfaction.

  10. Serve customers with the principle of honesty and customer first.

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