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Consumer notice

Consumer notice

                        Dear Customer:


                        Before you purchase overseas products on the kuajingstar platform, please read the following carefully and 

                        agree to the content of this article before placing an order:

                        1. The products you purchase on the Cross-border Star platform are direct-selling products from South Korea, 

                        which are only for personal use and cannot be re-sold.

                        2. The quality, health, safety, sanitation, environmental protection, labeling and other items applicable to the 

                        overseas products you buy are different from my country’s quality and safety standards, so it may be 

                        produced during use. Health hazards or losses and other risks will be borne by you personally.

                        3. Since the overseas products you purchased are sent from South Korea (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and

                        Taiwan), the Chinese label is not attached. And does not provide domestic invoices.

                        4. If your goods are subject to customs duties during customs clearance, you need to pay the due duties yourself.

                        5. Due to frequent updates and packaging of Korean products, all products on this platform are subject to the 

                        actual product you have purchased.

                        The kuajingstar platform guarantees all products directly purchased overseas, strictly controls every link, 

                        and provides customers with 100% overseas authentic products.

                        Thank you!

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